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April 22nd, 2018
10:00 AM

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The Ultimate College Triathlon!

1. Run

Sul Ross to the Layne's on Texas.

2. Eat


3. Bike

Layne's on Texas to the Layne's on Southwest.

4. Eat

More layne's.

5. Run

Layne's on Southwest to The Ring.

Three Divisions

Compete as an Individual or a Team.
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Full Box

Eat a Full Box at each of the Layne’s. A Full Box consists of 5 chicken fingers, a decent side of fries, and a piece of Texas Toast.
Cost: $20*
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Half Box

Eat a Half Box at each of the Layne’s. A Half Box consists of 3 chicken fingers, a smaller side of fries, and a piece of Texas toast.
Cost: $20*
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Relay style with a team of 2 to 5 people. A Full Box must be eaten at each of the Layne’s. Team members can do any of the 5 legs of the race, as long as they are consecutive legs.
Cost: $35 - $70*
*100% of entry fees are donated to the Brazos Valley Food Bank by the Layne's Challenge Student Organization.
A Few Small Details:
When you will receive your Layne's Challenge shirt.
• The deadline to receive your coveted Layne's Challenge 2018 shirt on race day was April 4th.
• Everyone that competes will get a Layne's Challenge 2018 shirt, you just may have to pick yours up a week or two after the event.
• However, you may still get your shirt the day of the race, the sooner you register the more likely you will receive it on race day.
Both students and non-students can compete!
The Layne's Challenge wants the best! Not just the best from our current students.
Must be 18 years old or older to compete :(
We would love to allow minors, but this would require a tremendous amount of University paperwork...
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Benefits the Brazos Valley Food Bank

Layne's Challenge has donated $5,000 to the BVFB.
100% of entry fees are donated to the BVFB.



Prizes More Info
Division Winners

All Contestants

Wear your Layne's Challenge 2018 shirt to Layne's, buy a box, and get a free drink!
Door Prizes

All Contestants Will Be Entered To Win Out Door Prizes!
1 Top Door Prize will be given out:
Other Door Prizes Include:
Gift Cards
Layne's Challenge Shirts


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